Men's Sugaring 

What is sugaring?

The paste consists of only three ingredients: lemon, sugar, and water. That’s it! There are no additives or cloth strips involve. Sugaring paste is soft enough to penetrate into the pores, where it adheres to individual hairs, and pulls them out from the roots. They use the same ball of paste throughout the treatment—molding the paste in their hands repeatedly between applications—repeating this process until each area is clean.


Manzilian. $80

- Hair is removed in the front, back, and everything in between.

- This service takes about 45-60 minutes. 


Eyebrows. $18

Neck. $12

Cheeks. $10


Full Stomach. $25

Full Back. $60

Buttocks. $30

Partial Back. $30

Chest. $60

Partial Chest. $30

Shoulders. $20

*Prices subject to change without notice               ​