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Best Self Care Gifts To Give This Year For Christmas

Welcome Winter! Here comes Christmas- coming up so quick (too quick?) It really snuck up on us this year and now we're stressing on last minute gifts to give friends and family. Thinking about what to get everyone is tough, and I personally always worry about getting someone something not useful or meaningful enough.

Giving someone something that they can use everyday, and that will help them is always a rewarding feeling- and you know it won't go to waste! I always steer towards something relating to self-care because more often than not, people's last thing they spend their money on is themselves.

Here are my favorite gift ideas for someone close to you that thinks about everyone around them before themselves. They deserve some pampering too!

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  1. A Hydrafacial! Its hard spending big amounts of money on yourself especially for something like a facial. It isn't an absolute necessity, but its a nice splurge gift once in a while. It also feels personal gifting this because it's kind of like saying "you work really hard- you deserve a break!" It's a nice time to lay back and relax and make them feel special!

  2. Perfume. Knowing someone's favorite scents makes this one super easy. Are they more of a floral, woody, fresh, or warm scent person? They can use this gift daily and it adds to their routine in a good way when they get ready. This is a thoughtful gift as well because every time they smell that scent they'll think of you.

  3. A Gift Card to a place they either love going to or have been wanting to go. I suggest a place that does services rather than retail, the options are more limited and personable. My top two picks would either be Woodhouse Spa for massages or Waxology for a wax, facial, or brow/lash services. These are underrated self care spots and will make the person you're gifting these to feel brand new and leave the salon feeling amazing. Everyone appreciates a self care day or outing. Waxology for the month of December is also running an amazing promotion for gift cards where if you spend $100 on a gift card you get $20 free added on! Which is an amazing deal!

  4. These ones are a little random, however, super helpful and underrated in my opinion. Items to better their self care routine. I'll give you my top three picks!

~ Face Washing Wristbands. These paired with a headband is an amazing addition to anyone's routine. They help prevent water running down your arms when you are washing your face which is so annoying! The headband helps with keeping hair out of your face without having to tie it up and amazing for someone with bangs or baby hairs since those cant easily get tied up.

~ Fur Mini Bundle. This gift is amazing because you get five different fur mini products of your choice, which makes them super personable and can be tailored to specific needs. They are for head to toe use and are amazing for traveling or even just trying out different products to see which ones you like. This would be cute paired with a Waxology Gift Card since we do sell these bundles and they work amazing for aftercare after a wax!

~ Gua-sha and Face Rollers. This is another great gift and very overlooked. Gua-shas and face rollers are a perfect addition to anyones nightly routine. They help blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage as well as relieve tension from the face muscles. This paired with some high quality facial oils to use with them is a super impressive gift. Even pairing it with a hydrafacial would be a great bonus gift! I would suggest staying away from plastic gua shas and face rollers because plastic harbors bacteria and can cause breakouts. Jade, Quartz or even stainless steel would be great options as they are cold stones which feels great on skin and don't hold bacteria as long as you give it a wash after every use!

Gift Ideas

These are my suggestions on gifts if your special someone is either really into self care or the polar opposite and has a hard time finding time for themselves! These all would work really great as gifts or even stocking stuffers! I hope you all have a great holiday season and I look forward to talking to you all again soon! Don't forget to also pamper yourselves this holiday season and book your waxing appointments here before its too late!

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