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Goal Setting For The New Year

Feeling stressed as 2023 comes to an end? Don't worry, I can help you plan and prepare effectively to alleviate unwanted stress and fomo! (fear of missing out)

Goal setting

Let's get real, we need to set some goals

You won't move forward without setting realistic expectations and a heavy dose of goal planning. But don't worry- we'll help you map out the new year with easy to achieve aspirations!

  • Make a goal list

Sit down with a pen and paper and write exactly where you want to be at the end of 2024.

We need a big picture goal before we can asses how to get there. One thing I like to do to ring in the new year is make a vision board! Here's what Waxology's looks like for 2024!

Goal setting

  • Define your steps

Now that we have an overall outlook on what we want to achieve this upcoming year, how will we get there? Make a list of the 10 main things you want to achieve and HOW you'll do it.

  • Delegate

Now that we know what needs to be done, we need to make a reasonable timeline. The best way to do this is by setting deadlines for manageable goals. This means things you know you can achieve with a little effort, not the big things, but the little things that will get you there.

  • Set boundaries

Once we've outlined how to achieve our goals for the upcoming year, it's important that we acknowledge the obstacles and bad habits that could prohibit our progress. Set boundaries for yourself to stay on track and not falter from your plans.

  • Celebrate your accomplishments

Reward yourself along the way! You're accomplishing your goals one step at a time, and that deserves acknowledgement. Try not to get caught up in what's left to do and celebrate what you have accomplished so far. You've got this!

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