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Thinking About Getting Waxed? Here's What You Should Know First.

Happy Wednesday everyone! My name is Lyna and I am Breton Village's Assistant Manager.

This week we will be focusing on what you should and shouldn't do prior to your waxing appointment.

Brazilian Waxing

What comes first?

Caring for your skin starts even prior to your waxing appointment, this applies to any body wax or sugar, your Bikini, Legs, or even just your Underarms. They all apply, they all deserve the same amount of care!

First- put down that razor! I know it might be a little difficult, however- we need your hair to be a certain length to qualify for a wax. If the hair is too short, the wax will not be able to adhere and it might leave you with an unclean wax. We usually say let it grow out two weeks prior to your appointment. If you are more of a visual person (as I am!) it should be at least the length of a grain of rice. It's almost fall anyways, let that hair grow!

Also, if you are on certain medication we might not be able to wax you, so keep that in mind prior to booking. Some medications will make your skin lift and might leave you bleeding. Topical acne medications such as Acutane, Retinol, or Retin-A will make your skin thinner and more sensitive making it so waxing on that area is a NO. If you are unsure if your medication causes lifting while during your wax appointment, so please consult your dermatologist or doctor. If it does, you will need to be at least 2+ weeks off of your medication before you can get waxed again. Also, please let your Waxologist know of anything you are on as it is for your skin safety and we do not want to cause any harm to your skin!

Planning Ahead

If there's a certain event/trip that you're getting waxed for then plan around that! Freshly waxed skin shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight or submerged in water (ie. pools, oceans, hot tubs), or excessive sweating for at least 24-48 hours after your wax. So plan ahead with these in mind by booking your appointment 2-3 days before your trip.

We also recommend trying to get 2-3 waxes in prior to event to get the optimal results. This also ensures that you know your skin's sensitivity and know how your body reacts to wax few appointments prior rather than days before an important event.

With your skin's sensitivity, you might be left a little tender and sore. Without knowing how your skin will react to wax if it is your first time getting waxed, you cannot plan ahead and know how long exactly it will take your skin to recover. Your Waxologist can tell you about your skin and hair a little more during your first appointment and cater towards what to different for next time if they do see that your skin did not handle wax well, such as suggest sugaring next time or more time between appointments for the best hair length. We do not want you to feel tender or uncomfortable on you event or trip so having these extra appointments helps better prepare you so you know what to expect regarding your post wax care.

Another reason we recommend getting waxed 2-3 times before is for the reason of hair growth cycles. Your hairs are all on different parts of their hair growth cycle. Some are longer and some are thinner and/or just coming in. Waxing consistently gets the hairs all on the same cycle! However, it does take a few consistent appointments to achieve. Getting them all growing on the same cycle makes it so you don't see new growth of hair for longer after your appointment. After your first wax, you will see sparse hairs appear after about a week, those are the hairs that were just below the surface and came in sooner since they are on a different part of the hair growth cycle. Usually, if you shave as well prior to your first wax, there might be hairs that are too thin or short to wax- which is why we ask that you put that razor away. These 2-3 appointments will get you accustom to getting waxed/sugared and leave you with the best results by your planned event/trip.

Prepare For Your Appointment

To ensure the hairs comes out as smoothly as possible and help leave you with a cleaner wax, we recommend exfoliating the night before your appointment. This helps get rid of all the dead skin cells and stimulate your hairs that are stuck under the skin's surface, pushing them out from under your skin! (gross.. but cool?)

We recommend opting for a more natural exfoliant. My personal favorite is just going super simple with an exfoliating glove. It takes minimal effort in the shower and adds no extra steps which I personally love. You just add a fragrance free body wash to your exfoliating glove and use upward circular motions to exfoliate the area. You can also do this to your whole body regardless of if you are getting that area waxed, it also helps a lot to stimulate your hair follicles and get rid of the dead skin layers leaving your skin looking more bright.

If you are getting a Bikini wax or anywhere in that area, (ie. Inner Thigh, French, Brazilian, Butt Cheeks/Crack) to make sure you are comfortable post wax, we recommend wearing loose fitting cotton underwear- something breathable that isn't uncomfortable. I would opt out of lace materials as well as tight fitting underwear such as thongs. This just helps bring down uncomfortability post wax. Lace or tight fitting underwear can rub a fresh wax, and doesn't feel the best. Loose fitting underwear is also recommended, that way, if you sweat after your wax, there is more air flow. Usually sweating happens in the folds of your body such as your bikini line, and that will make it more likely to get ingrowns or breakouts.

For legs, same as above, loose fitting pants! I would steer clear of leggings/tights as they are restricting and will rub against the freshly waxed skin. For Underarms or Arms, loose fitting shirts such as a t-shirt or loose sweater. Wearing a tank top under is also recommended for your own comfortability so the Waxologist can have access to wax your underarms and/or full arms without leaving you as exposed. However, this is mostly preference.

Day Of Getting Waxed

You exfoliated last night, woke up, put on your comfortable clothes, and you're all ready to get waxed! If you're concerned about the pain, take an ibuprofen prior to your appointment to help slightly. Also, if you started your period (they always come on the most inconvenient days right?) we can still wax you no problem! You might just be a little more sensitive in the area, so it might hurt a little more than usual. We just ask you come in with a fresh tampon in and let your Waxologist know prior to starting! If you don't feel comfortable getting waxed on your period, don't worry! Just give us a call and we can push your appointment back a week so you can get waxed after you are done bleeding.

Wrapping It Up

Hooray! Now that you know what to do prior to getting waxed, you're ready to go book your appointment. And before I forget, if you're hoping to come to us for your first Brazilian Brow Wax, it'll be half off! I hope this was helpful and I look forward to talking to you all again!

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