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You Just Got Waxed... Now What?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's Lyna from Waxology Breton Village again. This week, we'll be focusing on aftercare! I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to best care for your skin post wax, educate you on the do's and don'ts and tell you guys my after wax routine! So, you just got waxed... now what?

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Hairless and Careless!

You just left the salon, hair free- feeling amazing. Your Waxologist went over everything from aftercare to seeing you back for your next visit. It's a lot of information to take in right after.

After you get waxed, the area is going to be a little tender and maybe even a little red. Thats totally normal, it's just your skin reacting to getting the hair removed. The redness should go down after a few hours and should only be tender for about 24 hours, maybe slightly longer if your skin is more sensitive than most and/or it was your first time getting waxed. If it is a little uncomfortable, I recommend using a bit of Fur Oil in the area. The Fur Oil contains lavender and jojoba oil, which will help soothe the area and help with irritation.

Things to Avoid

The first 24-48 hours after your wax is the most crucial to having the best results and to keep the area irritant free. After your first wax, your Waxologist might have given you an aftercare cheat sheet. Refer back to that little card as much as you need. Put it on your bathroom mirror so you can read it while you get ready for the day or are getting ready for the shower. If you lost the little card or didn't receive one, that's okay! I will be going over basically everything on there as well as more in depth on certain things. You can also refer to our aftercare Q&A page here.

First, keep the area clean. That should be obvious, however it's easy to forget and go about your daily routine. Keep excessive sweating as minimal as possible. I would avoid working out for the first 24 hours (working out also includes sex), if you are unable to wait then keep the workout light and take a shower right after to avoid built up sweat in the waxed area. However, for best results- just skip the day altogether. Built up sweat in the areas can cause ingrowns, breakouts, and increased irritation.

Avoid hot tubs, saunas, and public water all-together such as pools, beaches and lakes. These bodies of water harbor bacteria. Same as a new tattoo or fresh piercing, think of your freshly waxed skin as an open wound, all of the pores that the hair has been pulled from are still open and more susceptible to breakouts and/or even infection. Keep out of direct sunlight as well. (if possible) When waxing, we pull the top layer of skin off, which also removes all dead skin and hair. The new layer of skin will be slightly more sensitive to sunlight and that area will not do well and might burn more easily.

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To get the best results after your wax and between now and your next wax appointment, aftercare is very important. Keeping up a routine will be in your best interest. Same as your skin care routine for your face, it is smart to keep a routine on your waxed body and even the areas you shave.

Same as your face- the main steps are to cleanse/exfoliate, tone/spot treat, and moisturize. For cleanser, we always suggest a fragrance free body wash, like Fur's All Body Wash as it is all natural and gynecologist approved. I like to pair that with an exfoliating glove, however, wait to exfoliate until two days after a wax since the area is still recovering. Exfoliating right after will be too abrasive and not feel pleasant. For the first two days use your body wash with just a regular soft cloth or loofah. You can also opt for a chemical exfoliant such as Fur's Silk Scrub (wait two days after as well). If you are prone to ingrowns or notice that waxing causes you a few, exfoliating will help a ton to push the hairs out of the skin and help keep hair growth coming back with no issues.

If even with consistent exfoliating, you still notice ingrowns, thats totally normal- some of us are just prone to them regardless. I would recommend either picking up Fur's Ingrown Concentrate or Ingrown Microdart patches. Both of these products will help prevent and eradicate ingrowns between waxes. I will be going more in depth of these products in another post since there are lots to say in regards to the benefits of these products. However, all of Fur's products are an amazing option, which is why we recommend them to all of our clients.

Lastly, moisturizing! After cleansing and spot treating, the area needs to be moisturized. After the shower, once you spot treat with the ingrown concentrate (if needed), use a lightweight fragrance free lotion or moisturizer. If you are more of an oil person, use a light neutral oil such as grape seed oil. Or for added benefits, use Fur's Stubble Cream or Fur Oil. Both will help soothe and moisturize the skin as well as help the hairs grow in thinner and more sparse.

Then, like I always recommend wearing some comfy clothes so your waxed skin can breathe!


It was lovely talking to you all again. I hope this is even the slightest bit helpful. If there are any further questions or if you'd like more in depth on something specific, let me know! I'd love to make another post addressing questions you all have. I look forward to talking again and don't forget to get your appointments in before the holiday season approaches!

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