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Everything You Need To Know About Our Insider Program

You read that correctly, we've officially launched an Insider Program, and it's already off the hook!

Insider Program

What's the Insider Program?

Waxology's Insider Program is an opportunity for Waxology lovers and loyal clients to get some awesome perks for their regularly scheduled services! It's also a chance to be part of an awesome, uplifting community.

What are the perks?

We're offering accepted Insiders the following things:

  • 50% off Waxing services

  • 20% off Skincare services

  • 15% off Products

  • 15% discount code for family & friends!

  • Exclusive modeling opportunities and invites to exclusive events!

What's expected of me as an Insider?

  • Repost Waxology content once a week

  • Make an original post every time you come in for a service

  • Share your honest opinions of Waxology with your people!

Insider Program

How do I sign up?

If you have good engagement on your social media of choice, are good at influencing the people around you to try new things, and are a Waxology client/love Waxology already, you're our ideal insider! You can sign up by clicking here, or heading directly to our Insiders tab at the top of our website! We're looking for Insiders who use Tiktok, Instagram, or even Facebook! Now I know what you're thinking.. "I don't have enough followers to be an influencer". That's exactly what makes our Insider program different from the rest- we aren't looking for follower count, we're looking for engagement and genuine love for our brand! If you think you'd make a good fit! We strongly encourage you to apply!

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